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Talk Debt: You’re not alone, is a campaign committed to helping consumers to regain control of their lives.

Too many people in the U.K. face ‘problem debt’ alone, due to a lack of awareness about the expert advice that is freely available, or for fear of being embarrassed or judged.
We are raising awareness of the benefits of addressing financial problems sooner rather than later and overcoming this social taboo.
In particular, we aim to inspire a healthier relationship with money and a greater self-confidence to raise related issues.

Along with a lack of awareness about advice services, the reticence to speak-up and seek advice, is contributing to millions delaying or tragically not seeking guidance. Over fifty per cent of consumers with ‘problem debt’ wait more than twelve months or more, before speaking up and seeking guidance.

By 2021 we want to see a halving in:

a.) The length of time it takes people to seek guidance;
b.) The number of consumers who are not engaging with their debt holders;
c.) The number of consumers who are not seeking help for debt related problems, such as mental health and relationship breakdown

Talk Debt is launching to coincide with Talk Money Week (12 November 2018) – an annual event - committed to improving people’s money management skills and financial wellbeing.

For more information about Talk Money Week, see: